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Created by Dalia Wadsworth

Welcome to my PLTW Portfolio, a unique blog here for you to explore my process in assisting and creating engineering projects involved in the PLTW program.


Hello, my name is Dalia Wadsworth and I'm a senior at Santa Moncia High School. I am apart of the PLTW program of Engineering Design & Development (EDD) where we work in teams (and occasionally, independently) to come up with a solution to a technical problem given to or chosen by us.


I, personally, am very interested in computer and data science and look forward to expanding and cultivating these interests within this class. Early on, I became interested in computing through games like solitaire and chess, I was amazed by the computer's speed and its ability to predict my every move. I wanted to know how this was possible and why and that was around the time I discovered coding, a way for me to create my own games and applications. I know I still have along way to go before I can fully develop whatever I want, whether it be websites, games, or apps, but I hope that my time and effort spent in this class will help my achieve my goals and expand on my knowledge.

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601 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405

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